1. Worship

  • At least 75% weekend service attendance
  • Turn in sermon notes to pastor
  • Use Congregation at Prayer in the home.

2. First Communion Class

  • Attend & Prepare for Class
    Oct 2, 9; Nov 20, 27, 2016 @ 9:15 a.m.

3. Foundational Knowledge (Memory)

  • Memorize the Early Communion Learn-by-Heart Texts (pg. 5-8)

4. Applied Knowledge

  • Once parents have helped the catechumen memorize the Foundational Knowledge components they should call the office to set up an appointment with Pastor O’Donnell in order to:

*  Verify foundational knowledge component;
*  Discuss in greater depth our understanding of The Lord’s Supper
*  Schedule a date for First Communion

First communion will be scheduled once Foundational and Applied Knowledge components are met and verified by the Pastor. This can happen as soon as, or as late as, the parents and catechumen desire. It is not simply a matter of attending the class.

An appointment or phone call with the Pastor may be scheduled any time if either the parents or catechumen have questions.

5. Service in Church (optional, but highly encouraged)

  • Catechumens (once they are trained) are encouraged to serve as acolytes for worship according to a regular schedule.
  • An acolyte training class will be scheduled for fall 2016 and published on the website, Epistle, and weekly bulletin.
  • The church secretary will publish a master schedule on-line. Each family will also receive contact information for other families. If you are unable to serve you are responsible for communicating with the office and finding a replacement.

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