Worship Service Options

When it comes to attending church and worshiping, we all prefer different styles. Some people like traditional and some like contemporary. Some like early service and some like later services. No matter what your schedule is or what your service style preference, we have something that will work for you.


Saturday 5:00 pm

Sunday 8:00 am

Liturgical Worship

We use the Lutheran Service Book hymnal and organ music. For more information on a traditional service format click here.


Sunday 10:30 am

Contemporary Service

We recognize that there is an evolution of church tradition going on. We have taken the contemporary out of the gym and placed it in the church. We worship the Lord with the help of our Praise Band and a relaxed format.


LIVE Sunday 8:00 am

Radio Ministry – 1540 AM and 104.9 FM

The mission of St. Paul’s Radio Broadcast Ministry is to provide church services for shut-ins, disabled, sick, or for those who cannot attend regular church services but want to be a part of the congregation. Church members donate their time setting up the transmission and announcing during the broadcast. Specials broadcasts are done on events such as Good Friday, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Individuals can sponsor a radio broadcast for the benefit of those who cannot attend services and provide a special outreach to those members and non-members that listen to our broadcasts.