In our prayers this week:

Those sick or hospitalized: MEMBERS – Joel Tesch – recovering from knee surgery; Jackie Meyer—recovering from knee surgery; Don Groose—recovering from surgery; Shirley Dibble—recovering from surgery; Darlene Adams—knee replacement; Linda Uttech—shoulder reconstruction; Laura Gruen—brain tumor; Lucille Campbell—cancer treatment; Mary Buss—cancer; Ann Duggan; Marilyn Marohn; Katie Waldorf; August Fortmann; Rob Bratz Jr—throat cancer; Glenn Gartzke—Melanoma; Frieda Antoniak—breast cancer; Larry Hansen; Timothy John Bratz—cancer; Bill & Margaret Voss; Ken Groenke; Louise Lang; Mabel Fredrick; Linda Hansen (Steve’s wife); Marian Faltersack; Rick Ware; Harry & Dorothy Peterson (Shorehaven); Barb Krug; Crystal Parker

FAMILY & FRIENDS OF MEMBERS – Mary Sprague—breast cancer; John Witmar (friend Pastor & Angie Scharnell)—prostate cancer; Bruce—liver cancer; Daina Boppre—bone cancer; Sandy—kidney cancer; Jimi Duer—pancreatic cancer; Debra Thurow (Dona’s daughter); Kathy Berkbigler (Pat Borgman’s cousin)—breast cancer; Beth—Lymphoma; Naomi Morris; Janice (Diane Bleke’s sister); Tom—stage 3 bladder cancer; Liz (Barb Allwardt’s sister)—colon cancer; Dylan Coughlin—3 year-old with brain tumor; Mike—bone cancer; Roy Hyatt—cancer returned; Quinn—breast cancer; Julie; Kayla (7 years-old)—brain cancer; Linda F—breast cancer; Jack Anderson; Kim B.—breast cancer; Jeanie; Karen Peskie (Mike & Cheryl Reiner’s sister-in-law)—Lymphoma; Dan (stage-four prostate cancer); Crystal Schultz; Joann Romain—kidney cancer; Ron Rafalski—throat cancer; Nancy—
breast cancer

Other: Bennet Piquett—newborn with braing swelling; Robert Morgan—recovering from a bad fall; Marilyn Hastert (Angie Scharnell’s stepmom); Ray Kugler (Cris Parker’s friend)—aneurysm surgery; Lynn Kysely—spine/back issues; Pauline Nagobads (Nicole Duchow’s mom)—hospice; Steve Sietz—early onset dementia; Karen Beardsley (Sharon Peterson’s sister)—heart issues; Karey-healing from stomach issues; Susan—memory issues; Sharon—circulation problems; Carol (Mark Prange’s mom); Rev. William Meyer; Sicily (3 year-old)—Guillain-Barre syndrome; Shirley Katusich; Merita Dinnauer; Vicki Kuhl—afib; Sue Jansen (Shirley Dibble’sniece); Rebecca Mills; Gail Albright; Chelsea Bunker—severe brain injury; Marlene Wille (wife of Jim, former St. Paul’s members)—stage 3 colon cancer; Dan George (Jamie’s brother)—liver disease; Karen Nicholson; Armin Tessmann—strength in walking; Michael Hamton; Karen Christenson—dementia & stroke; Regina Mills; Dory Schultz; Phyllis Ecklor (Shirley Dibble’s sister); Shawn—vascular problems; Kristal—lung surgery; Jonathan (Marilyn Marohn’s nephew)—in need of a kidney; Doug—CCL; Megan Bertram; Clem—high calcium heart; Bob—prostate problems; Linda—diabetic dementia; Barb (Dave Schlomer’s mom)—severe headaches; Sharon—probiotic/kidney problems; Pat—afib; Fred (Lynda Rades’s brother); Joel (Tina Gartzke’s nephew); Clarence; Pam; Scott Kleist (Jim & Ann Duggan’s son)—MS; Paul Fellin

Those serving in the military-deployed: Justin Michener; PFC Nicholas Lang; Zach Howard, Theresa; Phil Preston; Captain Chad Kelling; Casey, Phil, Andy & Steve Koth; Luke, Jacob, Brian, Randy, Kyle, Jake, Jeff, Matt, Tom, Brad, Ben, Mike & Rob

Those serving God as missionaries: Christie Nelson (China), Ray Wigdal (China), Dennis Denow (Thailand), Bob & Chris Prouty (Australia), Pastor Reinke (Deaf Ministry), Rev. Bud Palmer

Those in need: Our Shut-Ins; the family of Erica Davis, who died; the family of Bert Mueller, who died; the family of Ed Krelwitz, who died; for those struggling with marital strife and pornography addiction; Marsha—financial difficulties; for family health and harmony of a member; Matt, Brian—for mental clarity and to gain employment; those struggling with addiction-Bob, Andy, George, Dan, Dee; Sarah, Keri

Thanksgiving: Sue Lindemann for successful knee surgery