In our prayers this week:

Those sick or hospitalized: MEMBERS – Bernice Brown; Timothy John Bratz—cancer; My Ubl; Roger Fisher—Lyme’s disease; Duane Olson—kidney cancer; Duane Peterson; Carol Fellin—cancer; Larry Hansen; Bill & Margaret Voss; Ken Groenke; Laura Gruen—brain tumor; Esther Hart—hospice; Louise Lang; Marguerite Schneider; Mabel Fredrick; Linda Hansen (Steve’s wife); Marian Faltersack; Rick Ware; Ed Krelwitz; Harry & Dorothy Peterson (Shorehaven); Barb Krug; Crystal Parker

FAMILY & FRIENDS OF MEMBERS – Tom—stage 3 bladder cancer; Liz (Barb Allwardt’s sister)—colon cancer; the sister of a member with breast cancer; Dylan Coughlin—3 year-old with brain tumor; Kevin Kloss (John Tesch’s nephew)—Leukemia; Judy (Amy Hackbarth’s friend)—lung cancer; Grandpa Dave (family friend of Nagel’s)—bladder cancer; Beth Etzel—stage-four pancreatic cancer; co-worker of Michelle Pagenkopf; Mike—cancer in bones; Roy Hyatt—cancer returned; Daina Boppr—breast cancer; Quinn—breast cancer; Dan Rogers (Jon Schmeling’s brother-in-law)—bladder cancer; Julie; Joanne Montanegro-Greinke; Michael Graham; Jenny Lemke (friend of the Uttech’s); Kayla (7 years-old)—brain cancer; Cheri (Tina Gartzke’s friend); Linda F—breast cancer; Jack Anderson; Kim B.—breast cancer; Brian Keller; Jeanie; Karen Peskie (Mike & Cheryl Reiner’s sister-in-law)—Lymphoma; Lea Acord (Pat Borgman’s friend); Donald—bladder cancer; Jan; Mike Ball; Jessica; Chris Moha— breast cancer; Amy (Heather Gartzke’s friend); Pat (Renee Ebert’s aunt)—ovarian cancer; Ray Liska; Sue; Jim; Cheri Benz—breast cancer; Cami—healing; Tim—lung cancer; Pastor William Meyer (Don Meyer’s brother)—Lymphoma; Dan (stage-four prostate cancer); Crystal Schultz; Joann Romain—kidney cancer; Ron Rafalski—throat cancer; Nancy—breast cancer; Sarah Beine (stage 4 cancer)

Other: Gail Albright—IBS; David Lenske (Tammy Horton’s dad)—stroke; Bryan True—coma from motorcycle accident; Chelsea Bunker; Marlene Wille (wife of Jim, former St. Paul’s members) – stage 3 colon cancer; Kimberly Stoner—knee surgery (Sept. 13); Naomi Morris (Lynn Kirkstein’s friend); Sue Lentini (Dina Tanner’s cousin) – heart surgery needed; Dan George (Jamie’s brother) – surgery; Sue Wolter (Pat Gartzke’s sister); Karen Nicholson (Carl’s sister)—broken leg; Armin Tessmann (Gwen Nicholson’s brother); Michael Hamton; Karen Christenson—dementia & stroke; Karen Beardsley (Sharon Peterson’s sister) liver problems; Regina Mills; Dory Schultz; Scott Zimmerman—broken wrist; Tina Hahn (BJ Lavota’s sister)— heart stent; Phyllis Ecklor (Shirley Dibble’s sister); Lois—hospice; Shawn—vascular problems; Jennifer— digestive absorption issues; Kat’s mom—broken leg; Kristal—lung surgery; Jennifer (Rick & Kathy Ware’s daughter)—undergoing tests; Jonathan (Marilyn Marohn’s nephew)—in need of a kidney; Doug— CCL; Megan Bertram; Jane Nordstrom (Lois Wolf’s mom) —continued healing & good test results; Rose (Pastor Krug’s aunt); Kelly Braswell (BJ Lavota’s sister)—MS; Barb Schlomer (Dave’s mom)—severe headaches; Cory—healing; Kathy Kraklau (Susan DeWitz’s mom)—stroke; Brayden Stacey—2 year-old with brain tumor; Ken; Don; Bruce—open heart surgery; Curt G; Ashlin—stage 4 renal failure; Clem— high calcium heart; Bob—prostrate problems; Linda—diabetic dementia; Sharon—probiotic/kidney problems; Kelly; Brian Kloskowski—MS; Logyn; Pat—afib; TJ Easley (Dawn Lower’s brother-in-law); Fred (Lynda Rades’s brother); Lynne Kramer (Susie Meyer’s dad); Joel (Tina Gartzke’s nephew); Dwain Kline (Jennifer Truchan’s grandpa)—hospice; Clarence; Pam Leimer (Pat Borgman’s cousin)—stroke; Scott Kleist (Jim & Ann Duggan’s son)—MS; Kelly Kulas; Charles Tuff (Alzheimer’s); Paul Fellin

Those serving in the military-deployed: Tucker Stargard; PFC Nicholas Lang (South Korea); Sgt. Tyler Peartree; Zach Howard, Theresa; Phil Preston; Captain Chad Kelling and his unit VMM-223; Casey, Phil, Andy & Steve Koth; Luke, Jacob, Brian, Randy, Kyle, Jake, Jeff, Matt, Tom, Brad, Ben, Mike & Rob

Those serving God as missionaries: Christie Nelson (China), Ray Wigdal (China), Dennis Denow (Thailand), Bob & Chris Prouty (Australia), Pastor Reinke (Deaf Ministry), Rev. Bud Palmer

Those in need: Our Shut-Ins; the family of Ken (Kathie Ware’s brother), who died; the family of Sam Marrari, who died; for family in crisis; David; those struggling with addiction-Bob, Andy, George, Dan, Dee; Sarah, Keri

Baptism: Alexis Rose Lyn—September 24

Birthdays: Harry Peterson—97th—September 24
Vivienne Schlomer—19th—September 27

Thanksgiving: Gemma Kitzman for favorable test results
For the prayers for Kathie Ware’s twin brother, Ken, who went to be with his Lord
Dave Schlomer for successful eye surgery
For the safety of all the Nicholson families in Florida during Irma